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Jiu Jitsu and Judo for All inc., is seeking highly qualified instructors

to facilitate programs in the five boroughs, Dutchess and Westchester County.


The purpose of these programs, are to help educate the youth about physical fitness while encouraging them to have a healthy competitive life style. One of the programs purpose, is to recruit the population of students that either shy away from sports altogether and/or have difficulty of being isolated while on a team driven sport. We provide cultural enrichment to students and the surrounding communities.



What we offer:

  • Part time employment as an independent contractor

  • A Guaranteed schedule (set or flexible)

  • Competitive pay (Min. $20/hr)/ Commensurate with experience

  • Equipment to perform task

  • Two (2) hours a day for five (5) days a week totaling ten (10) hours a week

  • Work schedule ranges between the hours of 2pm and 5pm

  • Holidays off

  • Stable support team

  • Summer programs and camp employment are optional

  • No health related benefits

What you offer/Job Details:

  • Must be highly knowledgeable and skilled in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and/or Judo and have prior 3 years of experience successfully teaching youth REQUIRED

  • All instructors are under the flagship of Jiu Jitsu and Judo for All inc. (3JFAinc.), which is based on merit and support that will encourage and teach instructors how to teach if needed.

  • This is a “non affiliate” or “nomadic/instructor” program not an academy; employed under one umbrella

  • Must be responsible, reliable and punctual

  • Students are the heart of the program

  • Patches are to be worn (on Gi) in conjunction to the affiliate school to represent the program

  • Dedicated to work the entire school year: September to June

  • Provide students within coaching, skills instruction and training safely and effectively within the designated site

  • Ensure lessons are structured for the age-appropriate population

  • Project lessons, techniques and rules clearly and precisely

  • Evaluate overtime to ensure students are producing desired results

  • Empower students to communicate verbally and be optimistic about learning new environments

  • Demonstrate good morale through your own accord and expect the same from the students.

  • When one falls short, we lend a hand and pick them up

  • Site set up and breakdown (Preparation)

  • Promotes positive character development

  • Due to licensing requirements, any individual offered a position will be required to submit a background check**



Please submit resumes, portfolios, CV, video demonstrations and any information that will strengthen your submission.

You can send your credentials by clicking the link, 3JFA Careers.

We hope to work with you!

If you’ve learned nothing while with us and your students…you’ve only failed yourself…

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