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As we are the creator of our own path in life, we are constantly presented with challenges that mold our destiny.

Realization of positive reinforcement will bring us to make better decisions in life, ultimately resulting in obtaining our true life skills and innate passions.....

Now for the real story.

Unlike most who join Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I had no initial desire in the craft. My first experience was when the former owner of my starting gym offered me the opportunity to train two months free if I could defeat his smallest student. Having been training Muay Thai at the gym for a little under a year, I was more than confident in my abilities. Before our bout he set one rule, "you cannot strike your opponent" with that being said I was still confident in my abilities to subdue my opponent due to our size differences. For lack of a better phrase "I had my ass handed to me". Never in my entire life have I felt so helpless and suffocated against anyone. What I did realize through that experience is that helplessness that I felt and desire for an escape was one that was all to familiar to me. Having overcome life obstacles early on gave me a desire to never allow myself to be put in a situation without a resolve. If anything life has taught, it is that regardless what pressure you feel from it, there is always a weak point, and through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I've learned to exploit it. 

This is not the end of my chapter as many more stories will be told...

My journey has only begun.

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